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Information Dissemination for the “UP sa Halalan 2013”

UPAA Germany is assisting the UP System in its information campaign for the 2013 election by including information materials and updates about the election in its website.
UP developed a website ( designed to help Filipino voters make a well-informed choice among the contending candidates of the 2013 election. It serves as a platform for UP to:

  1. Facilitate voter education by making election-related data accessible to the faculty, staff, students, alumni and the general public;
  2. Disseminate relevant information about the candidates, plus election-related research findings and analyses by UP-based experts in a manner that is meaningful and comprehensible to various audiences; and
  3. Ensure that election-related initiatives, such as the fact check project, reach the widest audience possible through the use of both traditional and new media.

The website will enable local and overseas Filipino voters to access information they need to meaningfully participate in the coming elections. Simply click here to go the “UP sa Halalan 2013” website.

You may also visit the “UP sa Halalan 2013” community page on Facebook ( or follow @UPsaHalalan ( on Twitter. Videos for the “UP sa Halalan 2013” website can be found in the UP System YouTube channel (